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About Us

About Us

About Us

We started with one small bass boat and have since upgraded to charter boats and grown to ensure that we can have continuous charters throughout the year.  All our Licensed Captains are fishermen that enjoy passing their passion for fishing on to others. Book your fishing charter with us today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet The Captains

Captain Kevin (Owner)

Captain Kevin has been passionate about fishing his entire life. He learned to fish at the age of 4 from his father. He is a Certified Master Angler to teach kids, and adults how to fish. He has taught Boy Scout Troops, Families, and Friends how to enjoy fishing. He also has 15 years of tournament fishing experience.

He has fun taking guests out after Calico Bass, Sand Bass, White Sea Bass, Bonito, Barracuda, Yellow Tail, Mackerel, and hooping for CA Spiny Lobster. He is here to teach you how to catch fish and have an awesome time on the water. His favorite type of fish to catch is Calico Bass.

Captain Jeremy

Captain Jeremy is a passionate angler with a heart for sharing the wonders of the ocean. He finds joy in fishing with kids and newcomers. He works with a kids’ fishing program in Marina del Rey, specifically designed for underprivileged children. He has also been working for the White Sea Bass raise and release project for the last 5 years.

Jeremy was introduced to fishing by his father and grandfather. He doesn’t remember learning but was addicted by age 3. Although he enjoys various types of fishing, from trout in the mountains to bass in ponds, offshore big-game fishing holds a special place in his heart. The adrenaline rush of reeling in formidable catches like wahoo, marlin, and tuna, with the drag ripping out and the awe-inspiring sight of a massive fish by the boat side, represents one of life’s finest pleasures for Jeremy.

Captain Tony

Captain Tony is a seasoned angler with an impressive five decades of fishing experience. He developed his passion at a young age, mentored by his father, grandpa, and friends. Tony has cast his lines from the shores of Oregon down to the serene waters of Baja.

His love for fishing knows no bounds, as he skillfully navigates various fishing landscapes, from offshore boat adventures to tranquil lakes, flowing rivers, and iconic piers. Tony’s favorite fish to find and catch is the California Yellowtail.

Gratuity and Tipping

Our rates are very reasonable and cover expenses like fuel, insurance, tackle, rods, reels, line, hoop nets, light sticks, maintenance on the boat and safety items. Please tip according to the experience you had and service you were provided. It is customary to tip 20% to 30%, or more for great experiences. Your tips are very appreciated and are a large portion of the Captain’s yearly pay. 

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