Lobster Hooping Charters

What can I expect?


  • All lobster trips include up to six passengers.
  • We supply all lobster hooping equipment and bait!
  • A valid California Fishing License AND a Lobster Report Card are required for all hooping trips.
  • Lobster hooping trips are evening trips and are 4-6 hours long. We recommend leaving the dock half hour to an hour before sunset.

Open Charters


Currently we do not offer “Open Charters” for Lobster Hooping. If you would like to send us your name and contact information, we will contact you if/when we start offering them.

is it hard?

Lobster Hooping

Lobster hooping (Lobster Fishing) can be a very fun and exciting adventure. Since  California Spiny Lobster tend to hide in rocks during the day, and come out at night to look for food, it is a night-time activity. We drop the hoops with bait in the water to target spiny lobster but we have also pulled up octopus, crabs, small sharks, rays and sculpin.

YES! I want me some Lobster

Book with us

Book a Lobster Hooping Adventure with us for your entire party of up to 6 people or if you have more people, we can book multiple boats and make a tournament out of it. These are great for Corporate events for Sales and Marketing. Lobster Fishing is a seasonal activity from October to mid March.